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Finding a chunk of news ....

YAPC::NA 2008 is in Chicago! Again! This is a good thing. This places it within easy travel, thus making it possible for me to go. I had a great time last time, and I'm sure this next time will be great, too.

I read the bid, and their hoped and planned venue is DePaul University, which is on the north side, with returning to Illinois Institute of Technology (south side, across the interstate from where the White Sox play) being a fallback.

I'm really jazzed about this and plan to go. I know it's ten months away, but still.

I have Beautiful Code, an O'Reilly book about ... well, beautiful code. And, because I was given it free, on condition that I review it.

It's a good book.

That is not the review.

I gave a short review at a Perl Mongers meeting, where I covered my enjoyment and problems with the book. Yes, I have some problems. More in expectations than in actual content.

And also my Perl Mongers group will be having a meeting tonight, in the Cafe Royale in the beautiful Chauncey Village.