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Exercise Before Work

Not meaning as a rule. "Exercise takes priority over coding." My goodness that is so not me.

Rather, today, I went to the CoRec and ran this morning, showered and went to work. Normally, I lay in bed watching YouTube videos for the extra hour. I hate to engage the day rushed, having done more than enough waking up barely in time to prepare myself to get there on time. 

As I think I have mentioned, I use jerry-rigged sunrise alarm clocks (one X10 and controlled from Linux via crontab and one a simple vacation timer) to turn lights on in my bedroom, which are set to go off at 5:30 am, and I'm usually awake between 5:50 and 6:20am. This morning, I think I hit close the later limit, watched a video or two, got dressed, and took the bus to campus, then kitted up to run at about 8am. I got an hour in on the upper track, taking a warm-p lap or two, doing four minutes of Tabata Sprints (20 seconds running as fast as I can, 10 seconds slower rest which I did as walking, for 4 minutes) then filling out the hour with laps. I got to 7343 steps before deciding it was time to clean up and get to work.

Exactly 7343 steps, as my FitBit attests

Walking to the office got me to ~9300 (photo not available) and I'm sure that the rest of my day will get me to my FitBit- and AHA-recommended 10,000 steps. I'm thinking I may do pre- and post-work runs on days when my evenings are not already scheduled. I'm liking this.