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Why Yahoo is Sad for me

In a perfect world, I would be able to wrap up my tools in a little bundle. I can't. We've made a decision to have one lib directory and put everything in it. So, we have our blessed jQuery, jQuery-UI, Mustache.js, etc. And, we don't use every library in every web app. So, this means for one JS-heavy page, I'm calling those three, jQuery TableSorter, HighCharts and a theme, plus my library which calls that.

Well, really, I can and should pull out the HighCharts libs, as we no longer plot on that page. Which makes things even worse. I call seven (now 5) libraries to do this work which ySlow considers excessive. But because I don't always use jQuery-UI and Mustache, I can't just make and minify a std_lib.min.js with everything put together.

This is where I get a B.

Even worse, I don't run everything through GZIP. (F.) I also don't use a CDN. I am using SSL now, and it seems that SSL and CDNs are mutually exclusive, as everything that doesn't come from your https server is a possible security issue. Even then, almost everybody who is going to use this data is going to be in the same lab. Still, F.

And we're not going to get into how I'm not going to play with the Apache config to get Expires headers (F) and Entity Tags (F).

And we have our Lab Notebook, the place where we store all our work, in OddMuse. And OddMuse remembers who you are with a Cookie. Not having written OddMuse, I can't change that. Not having a good alternate choice, I can't change to another Wiki. So, there's one cookie. (D)

I know that Yahoo's problems are not my problems. Honestly, while I got a grade of 77 (C) on the page as a whole, I know it's one of my better websites, because it handles only a small chunk of data at a time. And really, I'd rather work with my unminified JS so if problems arrive, the JS console will give me a sane reading of where the problem lies.

So, I'll take that Charlie and proceed to the next problem.


Counting Hashtag Usage with R

Found this on the Revolution Analytics blog: What does Barack Obama tweet about most? In essence, pull down all the tweets from the official Twitter feed for the President, grab the hashtags and create a bar graph.

I don't often use R interactively. I generally make a script, set it in crontab, and have it run automatically. So, I adapted it to run via Rscript.