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Rage Taking Over ....

The current job is to create an Electronic Lab Notebook. Basically, you need to be able to access it via the web, you need to be able to link to images and import tables from Excel and the like. I started doing wiki on a UseMod wiki, so when I started rolling my own, I looked to UseMod, which was abandoned, and then to OddMuse. OddMuse has a few things I like. It's modular, it's Perl, and you don't have to use a whole host of odd modules and root access to make it work.

So, when it came time to make an Electronic Lab Notebook, I thought wiki. I thought OddMuse Wiki.

There's an add-on for tables. There's an add-on for simple image linking.


The suggested WSYWIG editor is FCKeditor. And "fck!" is pretty much how I'm feeling about said editor. Because it isn't writing acceptable output, and I do not for the life of me know why.

Either that, or it isn't interpreting the saved output once the page is rendered again.

Edited To Add: That was it. The outputted wiki-text was incompatable with the wiki, so by using a module that speaks that kind of output, I got it to work. Yay me.

Specifically, I used the extension, in case that helps someone.

Edited To Add: Using kills tables.