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Considering Code Documentation

I was procrastinating about a work project, thinking about magnets, thinking about crushers, thinking about thermite, when I thought about my status tracker.

It goes by the name because status is already a DBus utility. I made some other decisions relating to command-line interface, moving away from a cool idea I had a few years ago that hasn't aged well. I changed it to, which isn't similarly overloaded on my system, at least, and wrote a few flags for it, mostly for overkill. I mean, at core, it's because Len Budney convinced me my scripts needed manners, especially it not doing anything when just called.

So, I wrote this. All the details are tucked in, which I am not sharing and which needs an overhaul too. All in all, I am reasonably happy with this; If there was a useless use of sub signatures award, I think this'd be a contender, but both that and postderef are used in,  so it's okay. (I put no warnings because I'm running 5.26 on my desktop, but it is likely that I'll copy this to cluster machines running our 5.20 or the system 5.10 Perls, which would need the warnings.) I could and probably should go without IO::Interactive, but still.

So, my question is, beyond the user documentation that gets passed through Pod::Usage, what documentation does this program need? I'm always at a loss for examples of what is needed. In general, programmers discount documentation; most editor themes I see make comments gray and muted, which has always angered me, but looking at this (and yes, it's a slight case) I'm at a loss to decide what would be important to add.

So, what comments would you add? What do you find wanting?

(If desired, to add to this conversation, I can add the display section and the module.)