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Praising The Monks....

One of the topics of conversation for the last Perl Mongers meetings was Strawberry Perl. We have one or two floating laptops around here, so I decided to try to pull the existing ActiveState Perl onboard and replace it with Strawberry.

It installed ... OK. No errors, no problems, but I found it difficult to call. I could do full path — c:\strawberry\perl\bin\perl — but they wouldn't come up as executable or even known things on the desktop or in Explorer.

So, I Googled. And I followed the links into Perlmonks.

And they gave me the answer.

It was to someone else's question, but there was enough to make it work.

Dunno if I'd install it on work machines (this one's about one phone call to IT from replacement) but I think I'd probably go there for my own machines.