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Writing Initial Entry ....

I was searching for examples of Perl Code to put in lightning talk for my Perl Mongers group. I haven't found many. So, I'm starting one.

It might not just be one, though. I geek on things that aren't strictly Perl geekery. I am starting to work with the R statistical package and the Bioconductor addons, so I can predict a series of Complaining about R's deficiencies entries.

Also, I'm into music. There's a joke where an urbanite goes to the South and asks about music, and the person replies, saying "We've got both kinds: Country and Western." That's not me. Not to say I don't love both Country and Western (and yes, they were once distinct, with the Carter Family and the Opry being country and Bob Wills and every singing cowboy you ever saw being Western), but I also love elements of everything. And that might not be an actual everything, but it's closer than with anyone else I know.

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