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Mulling a coming book review ....

(It is wrong to start a post with a parenthetical, but I am doing so anyway. I hate the phrasing "as a member of ...., I". I try hard to avoid using it. So I fumble over it on occasonally.)

I'm a member of my local Perl Mongers group, and our Perl Mongers group is a member of the O'Reilly User Group program. O'Reilly sends out copies of books to groups for review so that their name gets spread. For any abstract technical issue, the first book I will reach for is an O'Reilly. So, I was offered a free book for the price of reviewing it.

And abstract it is. Beautiful Code is about writing code that is more than functional, more than elegant, into the realm of the beautiful.

Whatever that means.

Which I will find out, and express to you.

Many, however, will be surprised to find that "Perl" and "Beautiful Code" to be referenced in the same book without negation.

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