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Playing with new software ...

I have 3 computers receiving power in my Den. I have two monitors. I use a KVM for the Linux machines, and the Windows machine (a laptop with a broken monitor and decaying keyboard) has it's own mouse and really needs a keyboard. And these, I should mention, are CRTs, not LCDs, so they monopolize lots of desk space. What's a poor geek to do?

Use Synergy!

I'm actually not using it at home. I am using it at work, typing through a desktop machine to the laptop running the browser window here. It's a soft, seamless virtual KVM. And so cool. One day soon, I shall have to get it working at home, which will be cool.

I might even get video of the mouse moving from one screen to another.

The next question is, how do you handle the real KVM with the fake KVM?

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