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Taking a Great Notion ...

I have a Blackberry. That makes me cool.

It has two mapping programs. Google Maps and Blackberry Map. And I can tell which one uses which.

According to the article in Wired, which I read last night in the library, there are three main geolocating technologies. There's WiFi, which my phone doesn't do. There's GPS, which works from satellites and is slow and sometimes has problems with buildings. Then there's Cell Tower Triangulation. Which doesn't really do triangulation, but rather uno-angulation. There's a cell tower. You connect to that tower. Therefore, you must be really really close to that cell tower.

I assure you that I have not jumped in the Wabash with my Blackberry. Nor am I on the edge of I65 when I'm home.

Which is a big downfall for Google Latitude. Which, considering how potentially orwellian it could be, might be a good thing.

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