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That's A New One On Me (Vista Content)

A friend of my wife is doing low-level web stuff for a class. On Vista. Her name has a space in it. Think Var Lo instead of Varlo. This means that her desktop is at C:\Documents\Var Lo\Desktop\.

There are many things that annoy me here, and only some of them relate to Vista. You cannot tell Vista's Windows Explorer to tell you the extension of known file types. This, to my telling, is Microsoft telling the users that it has nothing but disgust for them and everything they have done, are doing and will ever do. And then there's when the friend asked how to do something with a web page. I said "open that in your browser". She was unable. She then asked if I thought she was stupid. I said no. I didn't say that I thought she was deliberately being obtuse to try to annoy me. I do think she was being deliberately obtuse to try to annoy me.

But the biggest thing was that the page she was writing had an image.

dogpic.jpg existed and was in the same directory as the page. It should've worked. It didn't work. I suspect that the issue is that IE has problems with filenames with spaces, and while seeing dogpic.jpg as c:\Documents\Var Lo\Desktop\dogpic.jpg and then broke upon seeing that space.

They're currently using FTP (ack!) to move the file to the server. We'll see how that goes.

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