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Running an OddMuse wiki with CKeditor

I admin a few wikis, all using the OddMuse engine. I like Wiki markup, but it is difficult to make it do certain things. One thing we like doing at work is import Excel-style tables, so to do that, we use the FCKeditor.

I have always liked the function. I have not always liked the name. It seems like I'm cussing, which is something I have spent some time trying to stop doing. If I resort to vulgarity, I want it to be because the circumstances have overwhelmed me, not because they reside in the forefront of my vocabulary, and FCK reminds me of a shirt. Never mind the fact that the programmer named it after himself, Frederico Caldeira Knabben.

I must not have been the only person feeling like that, because the new name is CKeditor. But while there are docs for making my wiki engine of choice work with FCKeditor, not so much for the shiny new CKeditor. And it is shiny....

The problem, at the moment, is that I can get it to write wiki markup but I can't get it to write and save HTML, which really is helpful if you want to display tables, which I do.

Will post code once I figure it out

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