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NGD -- Headphones!

A mere 8 feet from where I sit at work, that's where the main gathering and reception area for the lab is. This is a problem. So, I listen to music. I try to go for audio wallpaper, things like Monolake or Mogwai or Pell Mell. (Bands must have a capital M in the name. B) ) But last year, my work headphones lost an ear. Which makes things not work.

I picked up Sony MDR V150 headphones. $20 at Wal-Mart. Cost $15 on Amazon, but factor in shipping and it's a wash, plus I can bring 'em to work tomorrow. I'm liking the bass response, which is much better than what I normally hear at work, so I'm happy.

This always brings up the "programming music" question. My go-to these days is post-rock. I'm in to lots of other stuff, but I'm into it because it engages me, and when you program, you don't want to be engaged by your audio filter, you want to be engaged by the task on hand. Here's a LifeHacker post that starts with classical music and Brian Eno. I don't want to reject centuries of music for stupid reasons, but there's absolutely no swing in that genre. It was before the invention of swing, and I find the lack of swing really pulls me out of my tasks.

Any suggestions from the peanut gallery? What's good programming music?

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  1. Those are the same headphones I have at work. I had to modify them a little bit to make the ear cups lie flat on my enormous head, but otherwise I endorse them for long use. I also like being able to stick just one ear in when I'm expecting company, and occasionally spin a cup around when I just want to hear three seconds of something.