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Need Help Automating a Java GUI App

When being passed to me, it was described as an "impossible task".

We get big ugly data in a digital form. There is a big Java GUI app that munges it and gives the data in understandable PDFs and tab-delimited formats, which we can then use, or pass to our clients to use.

We want to give the clients the same thing each time, and when there are lots of steps, it's easy for people to forget a step, which makes things inconsistent.

Obviously, we would love to put this in a batchable setup, but we don't really have any way to program with the underlying libraries. So, we have the Java GUI tool. Sucks to be us.

But the goal of automating this mess is still with us.

s/goal/impossible task/mx

I'm looking at a page of tools for testing Java GUIs, but I don't strictly want to test this GUI. I want to bend it to my will. I want to master it like a Jedi masters the wills of the weak-minded. I want to consistantly, first-time every-time, have it follow my every whim, even while I'm miles away and asleep.

To put it bluntly, I want to batch-slap that thing.

Any pointers? I'm running Ubuntu and Gnome right now, but if I can get something to work, I can get a Windows or KDE or Solaris or maybe even Mac to run it on. If I can get it to work.

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