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There's a function. getJSON. It could be easily presumed to just get (in the colloquial sense) a JSON object. It doesn't. It uses the HTTP GET method.

As it turns out, it is just a rebadge of the more generic GET.

$.getJSON( url , query_object , function( data ) { ... } ) ; 

Is equivalent to this.

$.get( url , query_object , function( data ) { ... } , 'json'  ) ; 

And, of course, this is generic. If you want to POST and get JSON back, you do this.

$.post( url , query_object , function( data ) { ... } , 'json'  ) ; 

But they will not not not not NOT do this.

$.postJSON( url , query_object , function( data ) { ... } ) ; 

Because that function name assumes you've put together a JSON object and are posting it, not downloading it with the POST method.

Assuming that I was just getting JSON and not GETting JSON, as jQuery seems to want me to assume, has caused me several days of problems. Am I right in thinking that their rational encourages people to have problems?

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