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Coder Input Hardware Beg

A while ago at the office, I made the jump from PS/2 to USB for keyboard and mouse. This is related to me going to a USB KVM so I could use two computers without needing two sets of keyboards and mice. I went trackball years ago and far prefer them to mice, but over the years, I came to the conclusion that, following Ricky Bobby, if you don't type on an IBM Model M keyboard, screw you. I wasn't about to spec a big clicky thing that would annoy my coworkers, even if they're perfect otherwise, so I went to the cheapest keyboard I could with a name I like, the Logitech K120.

And, lately I've been experiencing a sticky control or Windows key key. Not physically sticky, so I don't notice anything as I type, but there are types when the mouse click behaves like I'm holding down the Windows key, which in Linux is to grab and move the current window. And when I move over to one of my Windows machines, I start typing and find myself locked out when I get halfway through "halfway".

I spend eight hours a day or so at my keyboard, so these minor things are a big and crucial part of my day. So, what can I do? Get a Unitech or other modern Model M takes? Run my keyboard through the washer to make sure any cruft I forgot I spilled into the thing has been washed out? And, if I do go the replacement route, what is the preferred programming keyboard in 2010?

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