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Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

I have a database table full of requests. When that table is filled, we also put together a wiki page for that request, because the the data we generate for each request can be fairly free-form. This means that we effectively divorce the state of the DB for a given request and the state of the wiki.

There are certain fields that are on the wiki page and not the database. Specifically, contact information for the person making the request. It made sense to me, at the time. I think it was based upon the data separation issue, or that we actually hold that in a profile, too, but I can't remember right now.

Now, my boss wants to be able to regenerate the wiki page for quick-and-easy refresh. Regenerate the DB stuff into a new wiki page and cut-and-paste the non-DB stuff from the old page to the new page. Easy-peasy. Except, I don't store all the data in the database.

So, now, I'm looking at adding columns to the table to handle said contact information and spidering the contact info off the wiki pages. If I had just put it into the database in the first place...

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