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How I create my web applications

I handle our web stuff from soup to nuts, so here's a little bit of my methodology on how I do that work.

  • I think about what we're supposed to do and what we're supposed to store, and try to express it in SQL, culminating in the creation of a table in our MySQL database.
  • I write generalized functions for CRUD (creation, reading, updating and deleting) as needed, and create or add to existing Perl modules. I also make testing scripts for these functions to run on the command line.
  • I write the read functions into a Perl-driven CGI program. I'm old-school enough that each attempt to learn a framework such as Catalyst leaves me frustrated. Full creation of an element is usually handled in this program.
  • I write a jQuery-based Javascript module to run within the CGI that allows me to collect and add to all the information I need to make modifications. 
  • I write an AJAX backend program in Perl that passes JSON back and forth between the client and server.
Right now, I'm in that last step. I know there are a few things that I need to start doing. I need to have development, test and production streams going for all this stuff. I need to have much more git going on. And, often there are small tweaks on the CSS throughout this process.

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  1. A propos CGI - if you like CGI - then you might look at PSGI as an implementation of the CGI rfc: