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Lots of Small Rants

I got three things on Black Friday, and the first one shouldn't even count. It's the e-book version of Programming Android from O'Reilly. Time was, when I had a technical question, O'Reilly books were the first place I'd look, but now, my first checks are Google and StackOverflow, so this is a bit of a nostalgia move, but    there's enough of a blank spot in my mind to justify it. Now, just to spend some time and generate something.

The other two are cheap pieces of USB hardware from Newegg. The first is a USB Wifi dongle (shown right), or, as it reads, "802.11b b/g/n Wireless Adatper". I have to say, I like it better so far than the Netgear that has been going back and forth between a few Windows boxes I have. Plus, I like the form. It's nice and small.

The other is also an inexpensive piece of Rosewill kit, a USB dongle connecting to a remote to Windows Media Center. Right now, it's nonsensically connected to the laptop I'm writing this on, but I could easily see myself liking this. I have a wireless Logitech keyboard with gone-AWOL mouse and don't do much with whatever PC I have in the bedroom for lack of pointer, and while I have been using Boxee for bedroom media PC duties, I could see myself accepting Windows Media Center due to this one. Problem is, the PC I needed the USB dongle for is the the same one I needed the remote for, and because it's been repurposed from HTPC to desktop, as long as I need the WiFi dongle, I do not need the remote and vice versa.

I've been doing more with git, as previously mentioned today, and I think have hit the distinction for bare repositories. This has been kicking to most of the day, and it's a bit of duh I just had to work through to get this into my head. I've been making non-bare repositories and wanting them to behave like bare repositories, then tearing my hair out. I'll have to work out aliases or scripts for this stuff.

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