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I am large. I contain multitudes. Plus fat. But mostly multitudes.

There's the computer programmer side, which is mostly served here. There's the musician side, which is why I created my first Blogger blog, Sans Direction. I sometimes like to take photos, which I often post to Akbar Zeb. (There's a story to that one. Ask me sometime.)

I've started to be reasonably active on Google Plus, and I've decided that I should use their API to create an RSS output, then use to put them in a blog. I was doing that with Posterous, but it stopped working, and I thought better of it (thinking I could do something better and more specific with that, maybe QS-specific?), and created a new blog. Nonplussed Rants.

Instagram is also available for Android, and I am using ifttt to move my Instagram photos to a Tumblr named Sans Direction. Both should start filling up with content from other tools soon.

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