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Do I Get This? (A Rant on Nutrition)

This blog is about ranting, not technology. Since I work in technology, most of my rants are tech rants, so it is easily mistaken for a tech blog, but I reserve the right to rant about my health, as I have done recently.

I have lost a fair amount of weight, to the point that I'm a four-year-old's weight* away from my college (first time) weight. People ask me what I have done to lose the weight. First and foremost, I've started to eat more.

Specifically, I have started to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Before, my tendency was to wake up, go to work or school, do that through the day, go home, and have my first meal at the day at dinner. Sometimes, this was after 10pm. Of course, when I was there, I was famished and would eat everything, quickly. Of course, I'm exhausted, so soon after I ate, I slept. From what I understand, this is about as close to shutting down your metabolism as you can get.

Recently, I've started to keep oatmeal in my desk and frozen meals in the office freezer. I get to the office and pour my coffee while I nuke my oatmeal, and eat while I start my day. Since this is after I get to the office at 9am, this is usually about 3 hours after Tim Ferriss would suggest I do it (and much less protein), but I've been running on exhaustion, using caffeine to keep me moving, for long enough that moves I can take that keep me from feeling groggy are fine, and right now, being awake in my bed for an hour or more before my feet touch the floor is fine. I'll have a protein-rich breakfast in the office before I'll jump up at 6 am to cook eggs or something, but I could see both happening.

Today's purchase is two boxes at my local supermarket. One is the 10-to-a-box apples and cinnamon oatmeal I normally get, and one is "Active Lifestyle" Chai Apple, promising to support "weight control", at 8-to-a box for the same price. The packages are bigger, and they suck up more water than my normal breakfast, but they are comparable.

Aren't they? There's a few percentage points here and there, but by and large, they are similar. I guess the bit thing is that the Active Lifestyle oatmeal has more fiber.

The other on-the-box claim is no cholesterol, and that's shared by both boxes of oatmeal.

My take on it is that, beyond the fiber, it's pretty much a wash between these two, but as long as I like the taste of apple oatmeal (and, in case it isn't clear, I love the taste of apple oatmeal) I'm fine to choose between these two. Is my analysis of this correct?

* I recall from my children's youth that they believe children should weigh 40 lbs and be 40" tall at 4 years. That was referred to as being "square". So, I'm within a square child of the weight where I thought I was fat in college. Strange how the metrics change over time.

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