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Thinking Through An Idea - Caffeine Tracker

I tend to get horrible headaches on Saturday. I believe it is in part because I've started to drink coffee only on weekdays, only on workdays and only during work hours (9am-5pm) and Saturday is when the caffeine withdrawal hits. At least, that's my theory.

So, I'm considering making an Android app where I store each caffeinated beverage I drink. At first pass, I can get the number of cups and when. Second pass, I should be able to extrapolate caffeine amounts and start to figure out when it's in my system and when it isn't. I can work out when I tend to drink lots and when I tend to drink little.

I could write this as an HTML5 thing. There's certainly a case to be made for that, but I wouldn't be learning a vastly different skill set on that one.

What I want to do is make an Android app. It would be vaguely cooler to write the Java itself, but the first step might be to write it in HTML5, do it in PhoneGap, then push it to Android. Moving to iOS and Windows Phone and others (OpenWebOS?) should be easy. But then, I'm not learning Java. I'm not adding another skill to my resume.

So, this'll be an Android native app. More as I get to it. 

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