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My Body Plans For 2014: January and February

I've covered my 2014 priorities and goals previously. Now, I'm starting to make plans, but I'm not going too far ahead. Just the first quarter. Will make further plans in support of my goals as the years go on.

It is important when planning behavior change to remember that willpower is finite, and so changing too many behaviors will doom a plan to failure. So, the plans will be set by month, not by task.


Sticking to strength training and diet at the beginning of the year, because running in snow sucks. 

Caffeine -- I have been trying to cut down of caffeine, and now follow these rules:
  • coffee only when I'm at work 
  • no coffee after work 
  • no more than two cups a day 
 I will be coming off a two-week vacation, so I'll be reset with caffeine. I could either see if I can code without coffee, or I can go down to one cup a day. I believe I'll go to one cup a day. 

Strength -- I have been going to the gym after work when I can, which tended to be Mondays and Thursdays. It's been ill-defined thing, with me picking up things as I figure them out. I know nothing about the gym -- the only thing I learned from gym class in school is to fear my fellow man -- but I've found some sources and now think I have a protocol to start with.

AreaExerciseCurrent Weight
Chest Dumbell Fly 15lbs
Dumbell Bench Press 25lbs
Back Dumbell Row 25lbs
Shoulder Dumbell Press --
Dumbell Shrug 25lbs
Arms Dumbell Curl 25lbs
Dumbell Extensions --
Glutes Dumbell Deadlift --
Quads Body Weight Squats
Core Planks

Once I get solid with Body Weight Squats, I might start doing them with weights. I'll work up how the circuit goes with the Quads and Core as I start to work through them. 

The source I read suggested that you do reps and sets such that they add up to 25. I put it to 30 to make all the math right, and came up with this.

Monday Wednesday Friday
  6 sets of 5 reps     3 sets of 10 reps     2 sets of 15 reps  

My plan is to do the circuit following this, going in before work on Monday Wednesday and Friday. That'll help get my body and mind going without coffee those days.


Feet -- Starting this month, I start to do range of motion exercizes to get my right foot's range of motion to more closely approximate the left. Will get into that later.

Tools --  Will also develop tools to prepare for coming months. Specifically: 
  • check against to see if the day will be dry and warm. If so, have it tell me to run.  
  • additions to weight tools to 1) accept Google+, Facebook and Twitter login 2) allow multiple users 3) show progress on weight goals with sexy plots done with D3.js 
  • additions to FitBit tools 1) add to handled API calls 2) find best/worst days of the week 
  • obWeightTrainingApp work 
Endurance -- This month, I start preparing for the 5K, beginning the Couch to 5K. Adding HIIT Tabata sprints. Also, start finding and signing

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