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2014 Body Goals - Status Report

Just because I haven't been writing about my goals doesn't mean I've forgotten them. In fact, a week ago, I participated in Zoo Run Run, a 5K around Columbian Park to benefit the Columbian Park Zoo, and my time was 34:12, which put me well past my goal for Endurance. My next goal is to come in less than 30 minutes, but I think I'll leave that for next year, rather than sign up for more races this year.

I have started working with the cable setup at the Co-Rec to move toward my goal of one pull-up. I was able to pull about 60 lbs, which is good. I don't really know the next step, but I'm happy with that and will work on a plan for pull-ups.

For the longest time, my personal record on the FitBit was the Independence Day Celebration where I was a volunteer and on my feet all day, exhausting myself but hitting 18K or so steps. Related but separate, I had identified when running that my legs weren't tired, my feet weren't bad, but I was huffing and puffing like a big bad wolf. I've since started to focus on breathing, and I put in a 20K step day on June 20th with the main difference being deep diaphramatic breathing. I haven't hit that PR since, but I have been more consistently hitting the 10K goal. I'm still not hitting it every day -- I wimp out on weekends -- but I've hit 10K at least one day a week every week except one I took as a vacation week. 

I've been trying to put HIIT into my runs. Dale Asberry suggested it in my goal-planning post and it is valid. I guess I see it as a level thing, in that if a person can't jog for 10 minutes, that person would be unwilling and unable to alternate sprints and rests for 4 minutes. I, as my okay-ish 5K time shows, am at a point where I should start doing something like Tabata sprints, which I have tried to start. It went well a few times before the 5K, but since, I haven't been able to really engage. Well, last time, I walked and breathed through 2 of 8 20-second sprint times, which 1) is more than I had the time before, and 2) is less than I wanted. 

For weight, I hit 202 lbs recently, but was 206 when I weighed this morning. I'm a little discouraged by the recent jump up, and I think this means I have other habits to engage, but I'm liking this neighborhood and feeling good about it.

I plan to generate a plan to engage my remaining fitness goals 

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