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Leveraging the API

A while ago, I got an API key for, with the intention of writing something that takes a look at the day to say whether I could bike to work without getting weathered on. I have not written that, and I certainly haven't started biking to work on a regular basis.

But now, I have written something that uses that data and presents it via notify-send and Pushover. I use notify-send a lot, but as the sources change, I have to change my scripts.

I've tried to cut things down to just the things that are necessary, but I could do more for that. Carp, for example, is Perl's way of sending errors to STDERR and exiting and such, but I really don't use it. There is a verbose flag that uses Data::Dumper. I'm turning epoch timestamps to times and dates, so I need DateTime (Thank you Dave Rolsky). The API uses JSON to send the weather data, and I use YAML to hold configuration data, so those modules are given. I want to get something from the web, so I use LWP.

So, download, use, adapt, learn, and stay dry!

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