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How I Post Code

/var/log/rant is my code blog. When I want to rant about code, I rant here. And, often, rants about code include code.

My old way of handling it is to use Blogger Syntax Highlighter, where I put in a PRE tag where name is "code" and class is the language in question. I have it set as defaulting to "python", so if I forget to remove it, it doesn't come off as Perl for Iron Man Perl if I'm blogging about something else. It is very powerful, but problematic in escaping characters, so I'm easing away from it.

My more standard way these days is to create a Gist on GitHub and including it in the code. This does mean that Javascript must be enabled. Because it's much simpler for me, I'll likely do this more and more.

So, if I'm talking about code but you don't see code, try allowing Javascript, and I'll try to remember to put direct links to the gists.

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