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2014 Body Goals - Way Late Post-Mortem

My goals, you might remember, were:

  • Significantly greater range of motion for my right foot, less pain from both feet (Feet)
  • Weight of less than 200 lbs. Waist of 32 inches or less. (Weight/Body Fat) 
  • Meeting daily steps goal of 6000 daily. Raising to AHA-standard 10,000 steps and meeting that. (Feet,Stamina/Endurance) 
  • At least one 5K race completed in 40 minutes or less. (Stamina/Endurance) 
  • A set of ten standard push-ups (Strength) 
  • One successful pull-up or chin-up (Strength) 
How did I do?

At least one 5K race? Done.

Push-ups? Forgotten about early.

Pull-up or chin up? Again, dropped early.

Range of motion? Take a guess.
I raised my goal of daily steps to 10K, and for at least one day each week, for most of the year, I made my step goal. Then, in December, things just fell apart. I tell you, most of my vacation, all I did was rearrange my bedroom and play XCOM on XBox. I'm sure that burn-out is unrelated to exercise, but it was something I dropped.

Weight? I've been between 212 and 204 lbs for most of the year, and while I'd like to be under 200 lbs, I'm okay with this. I'm sure there will be a drop in weight again as soon as it's warm enough for me to be mobile.

So, one goal out of six. Not good. Still, by nearly all objective measures, I'm in the best shape of my life. As a teen, I swam a mile, twice, and felt exhausted and heavy as I climbed out of the lake. Yesterday and today, I swam a mile in the school's pools, and I only stopped because I felt some cramping in my calves. Nothing too bad, just enough to make me think "I should stop now".

I don't have big goals. I'd still like to do a pull-up. I still want to get back on the running thing, although I'm thinking I'll have to throw HIIT sprints early into the run to get my stamina up. I will almost certainly do at least one 5K. Maybe two. And I'll try to do dead-lifting, because playing guitar a long time can cause pain in my back and shoulders. I'll develop a goal, digest into a plan, work the plan and forget that goal.

And sleep. Sleep is good. Good night.

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