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Considering committing Clever with jQuery XHR code

A code snippet

    if ( 'xhr' ) ) { ; 
        } = $.ajax({
        url: url ,
        data: object ,
        method: 'POST',
        dataType: 'json'
        }) ;

Seems that Syntax Highlighter is happy with JavaScript. OK.

I'm using jQuery's .ajax() interface, and what this does is, should the function that does this get called again, aborts an unfinished AJAX call. This is wonderful when this will be called from one place, but it sucks if you call it from several places to do a few different things.

And, by wonderful, I mean useful for the UX. If you tell the web server to do a thing, you cannot go back and say "No, I didn't mean it." You can tell it "Do something else to get us back to the first state", but you cannot stop it once it has started, unless you're logged into the server and can kill -9.

So, I am considering making xhr into an object, based on a unique identifier for what's actually being done, which should give me[id], so I could have several XHR tasks going on in parallel.

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