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Working with Perl Critic around Exporter

I am working on a framework for modern web APIs using CGI and old-school Perl objects, inspired by what I learned from perlbrew. This is more or less how the included modules go. This auto-exports every function that starts with 'api_', so that I could write helper_one() and helper_two() with no worries about them being exported, and without having to add api_butt, api_stump, and api_tail to @EXPORT, because it's striking me that the export list follows documentation as a pernicious form of code duplication.

package API_Proof ;use strict ;
use warnings FATAL => 'all' ;

use Exporter qw{import} ;

our $VERSION = 0.1 ;

our @EXPORT ;
for my $entry ( keys %API_Billing_0_1:: ) {
    next if $entry !~ /^api_/mxs ;
    push @EXPORT, $entry ;

sub api_stub {
    # code goes here

I intend to put the whole deal up on +GitHub eventually, but to avoid complication, I'll just get to the point where it's used, below. I'm exporting everything that starts with api_, so it's all available for $api->run() when we get there. (It's all in previous posts.)

#!/usr/bin/env perl

use strict ;
use warnings ;
use lib '/path/to/lib' ;

my $api = API->new( @ARGV ) ;
$api->run() ;

package API ;
use lib '/path/to/lib' ;
use base 'API_Base' ; use API_Stub ;

And here is where we run into Perl Best Practices and Perl::Critic. I've been running some modules through perlcritic -1 for sake of being complete, and it lead me to do some changes, and there's one that is keeping me from being clean. It's that I'm using @EXPORT. I should be using @EXPORT_OK or %EXPORT_TAGS instead, it says. This means, that first code block should have something like this instead.

my @export ;
for my $entry ( keys %API_Bard:: ) {
    next if $entry !~ /^api_/ ;
    push @export, $entry ;

$EXPORT_TAGS{ api } = [ @export ];
our @EXPORT_OK = ( @{ $EXPORT_TAGS{ 'api' } } ) ;

And then use API_Stub qw{:api}. I am not quite convinced. I'm open, though. I guess I would just like to know what the problem with export by default is, but this isn't in PBP.

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