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Quantified Self: For What?

This is my daily step count since I first got a FitBit in 2012, in handy heatmap form.

It shows that 2014 was a pretty active year.

It shows that this year, I've really fallen off the game.

It shows that the main purpose of this process for me, of learning how to grab the data and plot it in different and hopefully useful ways, has succeeded.

It shows, really, that I'm much more about collecting the data than using it to change my life.

And I can only see that as a failure.

I've built other things on top of this. My daily steps pop up in my Twitter feed and bash prompt. If I my battery gets low, I get notified on my tablet. If I go several days without a connection (if the battery dies without me noticing, or if I lose it, as I have done recently), I also get notified. I've made it very convenient to me.

But I failed to make greater amounts of movement an important part of my life. I failed to develop an appreciation for running or walking, at least in comparison to everything else I do.

So, I need to start thinking about how I can change my behavior.

And I probably shouldn't get a replacement FitBit until I have a plan for that.

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