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Net::Twitter Cookbook: Tweetstorm!

I had planned to get into following, lists and blocking, but a wild hair came over me and I decided I wanted to make a tweetstorm app.

What's a tweetstorm?

And this is the inner loop of it.
    my @tweetstorm_text ; # previously generated. URL shortening and numbering are assumed
    my $screen_name ; #your screen name as text
    my $status_id ; #created but not set, so first tweet won't be a reply-to

    for my $status ( @tweetstorm_text } ) {

        my $tweet ; # the object containing the twee
        $tweet->{status} = $status ;
        $tweet->{in_reply_to_status_id} = $status_id if $status_id ;

        if ( $twit->update($tweet) ) { #if Tweet is successful

            # we get your profile, which contains your most recent tweet
            # $status_id gets set to the ID of that tweet, which then
            # gets used for the next tweet.

            my $profiles
                = $twit->lookup_users( { screen_name => $config->{user} } ) ;
            my $profile = shift @$profiles ;
            my $prev    = $profile->{status} ;
            $status_id = $profile->{status}->{id} ;

So, that's it. I've thrown the whole thing on GitHub if you want to play with it yourself.

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