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Gender and Wearables?

First I heard about modern wearables was at Indiana Linuxfest, where the speaker went on about the coming wave of microcontrollers and posited a belt buckle that was aware of when it was pointing toward magnetic north and activate a haptic feedback device, so that, for the wearer, eventually true sense of direction would eventually become another sense.

I'm sure I could find a sensor that could tell me that, that could ship from China and cost me less than a gumball. I'm sure I could easily get a buzzer, that I could control it all with a small Arduino board like a Trinket or Flora or Nano or the like. and Jimmy DiResta has already taught me how to make a belt buckle. And I actually kinda want one. But I haven't made it.

In part it's because my available resources to push toward projects like this are small at the moment. In part, though, it's because, once I put on my watch, my tablet, my glasses and the Leatherman on my belt, I'm accessorized out.

I think most American men are about the same. 

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