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Modern Perl but not Modern::Perl

This started while driving to work. If I get mail from coworkers, I get Pushover notifications, and halfway from home, I got a bunch of notifications.

We don't know the cause of the issue, but I do know the result

We have env set on our web server set so that Perl is /our/own/private/bin/perl and not /usr/bin/perl, because this runs in a highly-networked and highly-clustered environment, mostly RedHat 6.8 and with 5.10.1 as system perl, if we want to have a consistent version and consistent modules, we need our own. This allows us to have #!/usr/bin/env perl as our shbang.

And this morning, for reasons I don't know, it stopped working. Whatever perl was being called, it wasn't /our/own/private/bin/perl. And this broke things.

One of the things that broke is this: Whatever perl is /usr/bin/env perl, it doesn't have Modern::Perl.

I'm for Modern Perl. My personal take is that chromatic and Modern Perl kept Perl alive in with Perl 5 while Larry Wall and the other language developers worked on Perl 6. Thus, I am grateful that it exists. But, while I was playing with it, I found a problem: Modern::Perl is not in Core, so you cannot rely on it being there, so a script might be running with a version greater than 5.8.8 and be able to give you everything you need, which to me is normally use strict, use warnings and use feature qw{say}, but if you're asking for Modern::Perl for it, it fails, and because you don't know which Modern thing you want, you don't know how to fix it.

This is part of my persistent hatred of magic. If it works and you don't understand how, you can't fix it if it stops working. I got to the heavy magic parts of Ruby and Rails and that, as well as "Life Happens", are why I stopped playing with it. And, I think, this is a contributing factor with this morning's brokenness.

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