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Three Little Words: The Perl Conference 2017 Day 2

I lost the bubble.

I wrote a post at the end of the first day of the Perl Conference, intending to do the same for the second and third, but I went to visit family and play with their puppies on Tuesday night, and puppies are better than blogging.

The beginning of the third day, my laptop hit a weird issue where it couldn't enable the wireless NIC. I fixed it at home, once I had access to precision screwdrivers again, but this meant that I couldn't blog the last day, either.

But waiting affords me the opportunity to add videos of the talks I attended. So, yay.

I started Day 2 with Sam Batschelet's Dancing In The Cloud, which was not what I was expecting, being more a deep dive in another domain. I was hoping for an introduction to using the Dancer framework on cloud providers. It was interesting, and I now know what kubernetes does and that etcd exists, but this is far enough away from where I live that I don't know if it'll give me much more than buzzword recognition when I next attend a technical conference.

Again, I would like to reiterate that it was deep for me. Good talk, good speaker, but I was the wrong audience. Read the talk descriptions, not just the titles!

This was followed by Chad Granum on Test2, which is not yet on YouTube. I came to TPC wanting to up my testing game, and I've been looking through Andy Lester's modules and brian d foy's Stack Overflow posts trying to get into the mindset. This talk is a long-form walk through the diffs between the old and new test frameworks, and by showing how to test using Test2, it showed a lot about how to test in general. Once the talk is up, I am sure I will go through it again and again, trying to get my head around it.

But just because we don't have this talk on YouTube, that doesn't mean we don't have Chad talking about testing.

My next talk was Adventures in Failure: Error handling culture across languages by Andrew Grangaard, which is another point of growth for me. All too often, I just let errors fall, so knowing how they're commonly done is a good thing, well presented.

Damian Conway was the keynote speaker, and his talk was called Three Little Words. Those are, of course, I ❤ Perl.

Also, class has method. Conway proceeded to implement Perl6-style OOP with Dios, or Declarative Inside-Out Syntax, which needed Keyword::Declare to enable the creation of new keywords in Perl 5. To get this going, he needed to more quickly parse Perl, so along comes PPR, the Pattern-based Perl Recognizer. It was in this talk that the previous Lightning Talk from Chad, including his module Test2::Plugin::Source, comes from.

The Lightning Talks were good, but the one that comes up as a good one to put here is Len Budney's Manners for Perl Scripts. This makes me want to look into CLI::Startup.

I hope to get to Day 3 and maybe another post just on Lightning Talks soon. An hour's dive into topics won't get you too deep, but an hours' lightning talks will will open up a number of possibilities for you to follow.

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