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Telling the world ....

From the first time I tried using an external mail-reader, I became convinced of one thing.

POP3 sucks. IMAP rules.

Well, rules enough. In comparison. I still preferred pine and a shell.

Then GMail came. And I tried it, and it was good. But it was Web and POP3, and POP3 sucks.

I did the web interface for a while, building rules, building folders. The POP interface ignores those rules, ignores those folders, so, in Thunderbird, I had to recreate all the rules and folders I had built in GMail. Which sucks. Beyond, of course, the inherent suckiness of POP.

Now, GMail is offering an IMAP interface.

I don't know if it'll do everything I want it to. Strictly speaking, if I make a DrDobbs folder in GMail and a rule to put the Dr. Dobbs mail in that folder, I want whatever mail interface I have to respect that. So, we'll see.

Of course, nothing beats having Procmail or MH. (I prefer the rules language for MH, but SpamAssassin works with Procmail, so I use Procmail.) But if your mail host disallow executing abstract code triggered by email, then some sorting and IMAP's the next best thing.

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