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Working on a book review ...

So, I've been meaning to review Beautiful Code. I can give you the capsule, but not the deep. Capsule:
Beautiful Code is not the kind of book I normally go to O'Reilly for — it will not tell you how to code beautiful — but it helps you thing about your code in a deeper, better way, and you will be better off for having read it.
But I do need to do more than a capsule. I need to do a bigger thing.

Elsewhere, I've done memes and mindless link propagation. I will try not to do that here. But the last two really are. Well, yes and no. Revision3 hosts videos. Videoblog videos. One of the video blogs is systm, who talk on tech issues. For the most part, think of LUG meetings on video. I was sending myself a reminder to check out the video on Asterisk, which is a Linux-based Open-Source PBX. If you ever thought "I want to have my own voicemail setup", Asterisk is what you need. Anyway, that's that.

The other thing is an inexplicable looped video clock thing featuring dancing Japanese women in coulottes. It seems it's there to sell sweaters. I like the music, but can't control the volume, so I turn that off, and there's something unseemly about leaving a screen worth of dancing Japanese girls running all day, even if there isn't as much as a bared midriff (as far as I know), so I don't stay on long.

So, it is my endeavor to blog on reading a chapter a day (weekends excluded) until I have a proper review of Beautiful Code.

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