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Another Little Pessimizations

chromatic has a post on the Modern Perl site called Removing the Little Pessimizations where he mentions and expands on bit from Perl Hacks. He suggested adding this line to your .alias:
 alias realias='$EDITOR ~/.aliases; source ~/.aliases' 

I just came up with another one. This one should go into your crontab:
 0 * * * * /usr/bin/crontab -l > ~/.latest_crontab  

Every hour, on the hour, it copies your crontab into a local directory.

I just reinstalled Ubuntu, hoping that this fixed the problem that occurred after the Jackalope->Koala upgrade. It didn't, but I lost some stuff, including my crontab. I have a separate partition for /home, so I didn't lose everything in the reinstall, but crontabs are not stored in your local dir and thus are wiped.

And, thank you Damian Conway and chromatic for the realias thing!

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