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Letting It Go, or Why Ask Why?

I was at the library Saturday. While I sat in periodicals, reading Guitar World, there was a bit of a dust-up at the reference desk. I don't know what the person was asking about, but evidently it was, in his mind, easily-spelled, yet the librarian felt lead to ask.

This caused the guy to switch his interest. He wanted to know why she could not spell.

Now, if you were a librarian, there trying to help people, and people instead attack you, you would naturally be disinclined to be helpful. In this case, after several repeats of the phrase "This conversation is over", the head librarian was called over and the patron was escorted out the door.

There's a point here. Beyond the obvious "Don't Be An Obsessive-Compulsive Psycho." Clearly, that is important. The point I have is Why is Not Important. Of all the Ws, it is the least important in most parts of your life. Who: Someone, from a waitress to Mordoc, Preventer of Information Services. What: A good or service. Something they have and you want. When: If a deal is being made, urgency has been established. So, now, if not sooner. How: Sometimes this is crucial. As a parent, I know the results when "carefully, half that much, with both hands" is ignored. Someone has to sweep up the broken stuff. But Why? "Why can't you spell?" Is there a possible answer that will be satisfactory? "Ah, so that's why you can't spell! That explains it perfectly!"

I have found that it makes no sense to ask questions when I'm trying to get something done. Give orders? Make requests? Sure. But questions? I don't want to know the answers. I just want what I'm trying to get.

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