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Gone Google Docs

Yeah, I've gone Google. This is a spreadsheet that I'm maintaining, showing my fuel efficiency. When I get gas, I take webcam photos of the dash and the pump, then transfer the odometer and gas pump data to this spreadsheet. I started using Google Docs for this because my netbook has a 10GB SSD in it and just XP and the few apps on it take up most of that. If I keep it all on Google Docs, then I don't have to have either Office or OpenOffice (and thus Java) on my dinky netbook.

Columns A-F are straight reporting. G is subtraction, and then miles/gallon and miles/day are simple division. I think I can get more interesting and better data out of this when I learn a cooler set of Excel-like spreadsheet commands.

I kinda wish I could do this from my phone. I can't, though. My smartphone isn't smart enough. Anyone know if GoogleDocs works under the iPhone?


  1. Yup, you can edit your spreadsheet on an iphone in the browser, it goes into a simple list edit mode.

  2. Thanks, Ronald. That's one more reason for me to get one.