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I Need More Mojo

We have an instrument machine. What that means is, we have a dingus that's computer-controlled, and we have a computer to control the dingus. This dingus is complex, shiny and new, and this machine has Windows 7 64-bit and 16 gigs of RAM. Easily the swankest machine in the lab, but since we don't use the instrument nearly at all, we don't use the machine at all.

We had occasion today to use it today. Specifically, there was CSV that someone wanted to open in the use-within-30-days initial Office Excel 2007. And it's been well past 30 days. We have a site license, so I grab the discs.

It will not recognize the 2007 disc as a disc, even, but 2003 goes on easily. So I install Office 2003, check for updates, let it reboot, and try again.

No love for the Office 2007 install media.

I have a netbook w/o CD drive so I put an external USB CD drive on my Christmas list. Shazam! It works.

So, I get my boss. "Hey, boss. This is flaky. See how it works here?" I take the CD out of my drive and into the machine's internal drive.

And it works perfectly

I swear, this is the second time this has happened to me this month! He just stands near misbehaving hardware and it sees the error of it's ways. I need this aura of fix. I need more freakin' mojo.

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