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Angry at Sprint, Angry at Google Voice

I am a Sprint user. I have carried an Evo since Thanksgiving.

I have been a Google user for years. I have been a Google Voice user since it was GrandCentral. When I give people my phone number, I give them my Google Voice number rather than the phone's number. I jumped to having an Android phone as soon as I could swing it, for the smarts of it and in hopes that it would integrate with Google Voice.

So, when I heard that Sprint was offering Google Voice integration, I was all over that, signing up and waiting for it to say "Set it up". Which happened today.

Currently, I have a certain amount of integration. When I'm called at Voice, it rings on my hip. When I call, their caller ID says my voice number. So, I'm largely integrated. But there is a number I never use, and I'd rather dump it and always use my Google Voice Number.

Unfortunately, Google Voice cannot be enabled on this Sprint phone.
Please contact Sprint for more details as to why this cannot be enabled.

So, I called.

Evidently, the problem is that the HTC Evo is incompatable with Google Voice. They didn't really get into how, but honestly, that seems absolutely stupid. They did suggest I upgrade my phone, but I have a great phone and I don't really see anything I want that I don't have now.

Which makes me wonder what integration even means.

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