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Don't Throw It In A River

The ChromeBook. It's a neat thing.

As a CS guy, I spent a lot of time in the Sun Lab. There, there were row upon row upon row of then high-end Sun boxes, and a thing with them was that when you logged in on one, you had all the settings and configuration and background and files as you had when you logged on at any other machine, and anyone else who came after you had their own configurations. Since I graduated, I haven't seen that nearly as much.

That's what I like about the idea of the ChromeBook. I use it, log off, pass it to my wife, and her stuff is there not mine. It means that each setup isn't its own delicate little flower, which interrupts our sense of ownership, but that's OK.

I wonder if something like this is how we're going to handle car computing in the future.

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