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The Delicious Fruit Has Become Bitter

I just got mail from Yahoo.

It's the opt-out email. YouTube creators Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have bought Delicious from Yahoo! and are going to try to get it going again.

I wish them luck.

I doubt will go anywhere.

I got into Delicious when I was at the clinic, I think. There were two main selling points for the service:
  1. Your bookmarks were saved in one central location, so that you could share them between your work machine, your home machine, your laptop, etc.
  2. You could see what other people bookmarked and found valuable on various subjects.
Point #1 was crucial to me. You start getting computers, you start getting headaches about knowing where your links are. Point #2? I tried it a few times. It never was too valuable to me. When I set up a new computer, one of the first things I did was sign in with Delicious and download the Firefox plugin.

When Chrome came along with their bookmark system, I jumped. Right now, a few games that don't work right in Chrome are all that keep me going back to Firefox, plus the occasional debugging, and I never ever log into Delicious. A few months ago, I downloaded the bookmarks from Delicious and put them into Evernote. I don't think I've surfed from it yet. I doubt half the content is still there.

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