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Pop Culture Rant, not so much a Tech Rant

George Lucas doesn't give a sh*t about you. It's survival of the fittest, friend, and George has the f*cking editing bay.

 I think we saw what we needed to know about George Lucas in Return of the Jedi. We know that Boba Fett's backpack has jets, but he couldn't jet out of the Sarlacc pit. This song is as cool as Fett seemed in Empire Strikes Back, as cool as he's presented here by MC Chris — he'll chase you "from Endor to Hoth, from Ripley to Spock" — but he dropped into the Sarlacc pit like a sucker and couldn't get out even though he had the tools to. Forget, if you can, that Star Wars begins with Jar Jar and ends with Ewoks and just focus on how the intense human drama at the end of Empire gave way to the fairly ham-handed beginning of Return.

Watch the movies. Enjoy them. But remember that Lucas has lost the script. Don't invest yourself in Lucas, because he doesn't care about you.

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