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I don't like PAL2.0

Purdue has a wireless network, called Purdue Air Link, or PAL2.0. In essence, you log on to the wireless the same way you'd log onto most other university computing equipment. 

It works fine on my co-workers' iProducts.

It works fine on my laptop.

In most places, it works fine for me. And not just "at my home". Other places on campus, other places with PAL2.0.

But not in my office. In my office, I can connect -- phone says I have connection to network, phone says I have an IP address -- but cannot do anything with them. And the tools I would normally try to use to get a better idea of what's going on, such as ping, nslookup, traceroute and the like, are not on my phone. (Maybe I need to look into those.)

And, I should say, it affects my co-worker's Android phone, too.

I don't understand an issue that only occurs with Android phones, but it seems I have one. I think I'm getting an IP address, but I can't route.

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