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Open Computing, Taken To The Next Level

Hat-tip MakerBlog
This is the Doma Pro PCI, a black acrylic "case" for a computer. I say "case" because, while there are enclosures for the optical and hard drive, it's not really a case because it doesn't close. All your electronic bits are open to the world.

Which is neat, if you're in an environment where keeping your computer open to the elements is acceptable I wouldn't try this with young children.

But, as always, I do like.

During college, friend-of-the-blog Patrick had a working computer stuck to his bulletin board. The power supply sat on a nearby shelf, I think, but otherwise, it all hung off the wall. 

I'd be curious about RF interference in the surounding area, but this looks like a neat thing.


  1. Don't forget the homeless 486 that lived in a cardboard box after its proper case became uninhabitable.

  2. Who could forget that? Prior art for the Recompute PC.