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Belkin Offers Wireless Home Automation

Home Automation is cool. This has been the opinion of this blog since the beginning. I have tested some X10 stuff before, and have found data-over-power-line to be unreliable. This is why the wireless setup that was mentioned in Google I/O last year (but not in any way delivered, as far as I can tell ) draws so much interest from me, and why I feel the need to show this video here. Wireless is so the way to go with this stuff. I wonder if you can put together little command-line apps to turn things on and off, which you can then set up via crontab on your Linux box to turn the lights on or start the coffee machine at 7am or so.

I also like the motion sensor. In rooms where you're not going to want to darken while you're in them (bedroom, living room for movie night) and rooms where you're not likely going to be blocked from the motion sensor during your time there (bathroom, kitchen), lights on a motion sensor make all the sense in the world to me. I used to have one in my den and I loved it.

Belkin's normally the "Hey! Cheap cable! Cool!" company for me, but I'd be more than happy to give this one a shot.

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