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Dipping My Toe into Quantified Self

Quantified Self. "Self knowledge through self-tracking". And weight is what I want to track.

It was a moment where it just came together. "I can do that!"

I haven't hacked my scale to wirelessly tell my computer. That's a bit more than I want to do. Yet. (I've been looking at XBee stuff on adafruit, just thinking about that.) Right now, I want to collect data. What do I need for that? I need a way to save this data that I can handle in the AM before I really shower and wake up. Sound like a simple web page back-ended in a database to you? It did to me.

I roughed it out last night, and finished it up this morning. I did some gussying it up with CSS this evening after work, but that's incomplete. It looks much better, though.

I have only one true entry into the database so far, so graphing that information isn't a thing yet. I figure ten days of data is a good point to start taking a running average. I know how to automate that, but I don't have that data on that machine....

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