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I Suppose I Have Been Trying QS Already

I suppose I should've said that the weight tracking is my first step toward Quantified Self that I've programmed, because I've used some apps written by others.

I have MyTracks and RunKeeper on my phone (not that I really ever use them), both of which can be used to keep track of what you do when you exercise. I have used MyTracks for a few walks, but the problem is more me and my lack of scheduled walks than anything with those tools. I can credit MyTracks with telling me that the walk from the bus stop to my building is 0.31 miles.

The coolest thing I've used so far is called Smart Alarm Clock. Key to this is the Android phone's capability to sense motion. If you tell it to wake up at 6am, it starts trying to sense you moving around, which you do more in REM sleep, which is not when you want to wake up. When it senses you being more still, that is when you are sleeping the lightest, which is the best time to wake you up. It really is like magic.

The weight tracker is somewhat inspired by the Hacker Diet, which I have not fully read. 

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