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Failed New Gear Day: Logitech K270 Wireless Keyboard

This is my new keyboard, a Logitech K270. I chose it because I always have good luck with Logitech gear, and because of the Logitech Wireless Touchpad in front of it. 

Ignore the Dell keyboard in front of it. This process is intended to replace that keyboard, and to reduce the number of cables crossing my desk.

Yes, the words "failed" and "intended" were used. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

There's a little USB dongle that comes with wireless keyboards, and there's a Windows-or-Mac tool that lets you add new peripherals to your dongle, so you only need the one. That's a win.

Now, here's the lose: I'm using this through an IOGear KVM, which listens for two taps on the Scroll Lock key to tell to switch to the other desktop, and there is a specific USB port you are supposed to plug your keyboard into. That's OK, right? Thing is, a Unifying dongle plugged into the keyboard USB port cannot communicate through the KVM.

I'm typing this through that keyboard, through that KVM. I'm plugged into the mouse port, and I have that Dell keyboard plugged into the keyboard port, placed behind some stuff but where I can easily double-tap the Scroll Lock key when necessary. I have changed the other details my setup, setting my Windows box as the server of my Synergy setup, so for most circumstances, I'll rarely have to switch, but I will be able to switch when necessary.

Now, if I can only hack something up to take care of the Scroll Lock issue and free up that keyboard...

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  1. It’s good that you mentioned the cables crisscrossing in front of you. It can be quite irritating sometimes. I think a stand-alone keyboard like that will work best for me. I love that touchpad in front. With the mouse and keyboard functions integrated in one device, the only cable I will have to bear with would be that of my headset. ;) Lance Vartanian